With the arable land rapidly reducing in the world, demand for food is increasing rapidly with global population growth. Africa offers fertile land with great climate around the tropics with potential to feed the world, with two rain seasons in one year.

Ranging from crops like coffee, corn/MAIZE, nuts, cotton to animal products like beef, diary , Africa has the world’s greatest potential to develop invest and reap big with such vast untapped organic resources.

We support investors access land partners, invest in crop or animal products, access fresh water natural resources.  



Lack of reliable access to sea-ports, and air-transport to safely move people and goods between Africa’s rich hinterland to the rest of the world, has probably been the major reason behind the delay in Africa unleashing her potential.

Through brokering lucrative public private investment partnerships, we assist investors make long-term, profitable investments in Africa’s transport sector.


Factories for adding value to farming produce including coffee factories, fruit factories, diary factories, tea factories among others.

Mining factories for steel, gold and other related products is a great opportunity due to easy access to raw materials.


Africa with its all year round sunny climate and beautiful weather around the equator presents opportunities for investing in the lucrative tourism, recreation and entertainment business. This is further harnessed by nature, wildlife and cultural tourism opportunities.


With vast natural rivers, all year round sunshine and access to thermal energy, East African nations present lucrative prospects for investments in energy sector.

With discovery of new oil wells in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and Congo, the potential to feed a petroleum refinery is viable and would be able to be sustained by the rapidly growing economies and markets of Africa.


The lack of well equipped hospitals in African cities given the increasing populations and easy breeding ground for disease causing organisms, making Africa a lucrative market for investments in hospitals, research laboratories and in pharmaceutical ventures, whose demand is rapidly growing.


With the youngest population in the world, Africa provides a rich market for private schools and universities. Given that public schools are few and over congested the demand for well facilitated private schools from kindergarten level, primary level, secondary level and tertiary education level is growing and profitable.