Determined to increase financing for economic development of Africa, LEVERAGE AFRICA Limited was formed to bridge the economic investment and development gaps in the  public and private sector of East & Central African nations.  

Leverage Africa is a trusted adviser to foreign investors, governments and corporate companies on how to leverage the economies of African nations to maximise returns on investments. 

Our work serves public and private entities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi,  Zambia, Zimbabwe and Democratic republic of Congo.

Industries we have served include Telecom,  Real-Estate, Agriculture, Tourism &Hotels, Charities, Government, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Energy , Transport and Infrastructure among others. 


investment advisory

We offer international investors with effective investment strategies that will meet their financial and market growth goals in Africa. A comprehensive approach that accounts for the unique financial systems, political safety and maximising economic opportunities, to increase rate of adaptability to local dynamics and providing a leadership edge that maintains global sustainability for the investments in Africa. 




We offer advise in raising private and public capital for large-scale startups and high-growth established clients.  

We also advise capital and debt financiers on how to effectively assess opportunities and partners accounting for the unique cultural dynamics in the different African nations that significantly affect performance of partnerships. 




Corporate leadership and management choices of any venture or project or company has a significant impact on the success of any investment in Africa. We provide leadership and management consulting for effective strategic decision making, operational decision making and human resource development to drive the venture to success. 

Off-Balance Sheet financing

We provide advisory options to arranging incognito leverage that aims at maximising return on customer’s assets, protect the companies financial ratios and increase client’s borrowing capacity. 

Customer Testimonials


Juliet Muheirwe

“I found Leverage Africa’s  approach both supportive and beneficial during a delicate acquisition process of transitioning from from Zain to Airtel . For this reason am happy to recommend Collins Tugumisirize and his consulting company for your benefit.  – .”


Nkurunungi Lavigerie
Mercantile Car Rentals Limited

“We knew we had a great product, but we didn’t know how to take the business to the next level so that we could see real success. Leverage Africa’s intervention has made us a market leader as we aspire to grow from strength to strength!”


Christopher Kyeswa
Africa 2000 Network Uganda

“With Leverage Africa consulting, over 30,000 farmers have significantly improved their growth and revenue achievements under my leadership. We have seen Agri-business Growth, Strengthening value chain for food and income security have improved and I expect to  realize much higher positive impact in upcoming months..”



“As one of the leading hotels of the world, Kampala Serena has been working with Leverage Africa since 2010. Unlike other service providers, I find Leverage Africa’s interest in following up the impact of their work on service delivery and business growth remarkable.  .”